Cloudogu Glossary

Continuous Deployment (CD) in software development

Continuous Deployment describes the continuous deployment of changes to an application on a server that the customer cannot access. Through the continuous deployment the test team can always check the latest version of the software.

A Continuous Deployment pipeline can be implemented with the help of CI/CD servers like Jenkins.

Differentiation between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

In difference to Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment does not deliver each change to the customer automatically. Each change gets deployed on a server and can be tested there manually. That means that the degree of automation of Continuous Deployment is lower than Continuous Delivery.

Compared to Continuous Integration, the automation is higher, because the latest version is always ready to be tested. In Continuous Integration that is not the case.

Continuous Deployment with the Cloudogu EcoSystem

To implement a Continuous Deployment pipeline with the Cloudogu EcoSystem you only have to provide a deployment target for Jenkins.

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