Cloudogu Glossary

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on (SSO) means that users only have to authenticate once to get access to several different services or applications. It also means that it is only necessary to log out of one of the applications (that are part of the SSO service) to be automatically logged out of all the other applications.

Single Sign-on and Cloudogu EcoSystem

The Cloudogu EcoSystem provides a SSO service for all tools. Hence, users only have to log in once to use all the applications without further login requests.

Implemen­tation of the Single Sign-on

The Single Sign-on of Cloudogu EcoSystem is based on CAS (Central Authentication Service). As soon as you select a Dogu with a web UI during the Cloudogu EcoSystem setup, the CAS Dogu is mandatory.

Authori­zation in the Cloudogu Eco­System

The CAS Dogu requires a directory service, which can either be the Dogu "User Management" or a third-party external server. Therefore, it is very important to configure the directory service during the setup correctly.

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