About us

Our driving forces: High quality product development, teamwork, software craftmanship and open source commitment

Our mission

We believe in good software development through innovation, open source, agility, DevOps and sharing with our community. Based in the center of Braunschweig (Germany), we are driven by an enthusiasm for pioneering solutions, the quality and efficiency of open source software and a general fascination for software development. With about 50 employees we are developing the Cloudogu EcoSystem – an open source platform that lets the community thrive and businesses grow.

Cloudogu – Offen für neue Technologien

From developers for developers

Our goal is to embrace the complete software development life cycle with interconnected tools, to provide standardized, automated processes and help developers to become even more efficient. Our mission is to provide an easily usable environment for software development – for the community as well as for companies.

We believe in the power and freedom of the open-source community and therefore support the development of the SCM-Manager. We encourage businesses to use open source development tools and provide enterprise level security, operations and high-end support for them.

Focusing on innovation

We pay particular attention to new, promising technologies, therefore we develop state of the art software by using TDD, Clean Code, CI/CD and containerization in an agile and collaborative environment.

Our young and motivated team is partitioned into four business units, including software development, customer services, sales, human resources and marketing. We are connected through our passion for technological challenges, our drive to fulfill high quality standards and the friendly atmosphere in our office. An open communication is deeply entrenched in our company culture and we exchange our thoughts and ideas on a regular and transparent basis.

Cloudogu – Gemeinsame Ziele