Platform for modern software development

The platform to operate your DevOps software development tools

A flexible platform for your toolchain

Our Cloudogu EcoSystem is a virtual service platform. It is a pre-assembled and efficient platform that enables you to operate the tools of your choice with minimal administration overhead to simplify your software development.

No compromise thanks to full flexibility

The modular architecture of the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides you with high flexibility and adaptability for all your requirements and prerequisites of your software development toolchain. This creates all different kinds of benefits for all kinds of people, from project managers over system administrators to software developers.

Higher efficiency thanks to holistic features

The integrated Single Sign-on system in combination with the ubiquitous navigation menu simplifies and speeds up your processes right from the login. Customizable dashboards provide aggregated information from all development tools and create maximal transparency for your projects.

EcoSystem advantages
EcoSystem architecture

A highly efficient and integrated platform – DevOps ready

Thanks to its modular architecture, the Cloudogu EcoSystem is well equipped to unite your product development and operations. Therefore, it is DevOps ready.

Cloud meets On-Premises

The combination of on-premises instances and a centralized backend unites all advantages of cloud services and local operations. Thanks to that you have full control over your data and you set up and can operate your toolchain with minimal effort.

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Selection of available development tools

The Cloudogu EcoSystem provides services, functionalities and applications as so called Dogus. Dogus are downloaded from our registry, and installed and automatically configured in your local Cloudogu Ecosystem. The configuration covers integration in the central authentication service (SSO), the ubiquitous navigation menu and the integration with other Dogus.

If you are missing an application, please feel free to contact us regarding additional Dogus!

Inquire about new Dogu

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Cloudogu EcoSystem Editions

Cloudogu EcoSystem “Community Edition” is and will always be free and open source. “Subscription Edition” especially targets businesses and comes with full support. Thus, it enables you to focus on what matters most - developing great software.

Community Edition

Perfect for the needs of small teams - powered by the open source community.

Community Edition
  • Free Dogus
  • Max. 1 instance
  • Unlimited users2
  • Unlimited build jobs2
  • Unlimited repositories2
  • Unlimited projects2
  • Virtual machine setup
  • Community Support

0 forever

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1 All prices are billed annually and excluding VAT and any possible arising taxes or costs.
2 Limitations for jobs, repositories, projects and users are dependent on your own infrastructure limitations.