EcoSystem – Frequently Asked Questions

You want to know more about the EcoSystem? Here are your most frequently asked questions with interesting facts about the EcoSystem functionalities.


  • I already have a running toolchain, why should I start using the Cloudogu EcoSystem?
    The operation of tools with the Cloudogu EcoSystem is very efficient:
    • The installation of tools is unified. Thanks to that you don't have to go through tool-specific installation tutorials. You can conveniently install additional tools within minutes.
    • There are no hurdles when upgrading tools, because all new versions of Dogus have to pass rigorous integration tests. This ensures that your system will continue running after upgrades. That allows you to easily perform major upgrades and to keep your tools up to date with minimal effort. Upgrades for conventionally operated tools can be very time consuming, because breaking changes can require a manual migration.
    • It provides the option of using an automated backup and restore mechanism for the whole system. This way you can increase the security of your data without any extra effort. When operating tools individually, it could be necessary to initially set up backup and restore or at least to manually integrate new tools into the mechanism.
    • The tools you want to use will automatically be linked. Thanks to that you can automate processes along your whole development pipeline. When you build your own toolchain, you have to do that yourself, too.

    You can utilize these advantages without extra effort, because the migration to the Cloudogu EcoSystem is very easy. Once you use it, the Cloudogu EcoSystem will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
  • I am currently using SaaS, why should I switch to the Cloudogu EcoSystem?
    You are using SaaS because it allows you to not think about operations and upgrades. Using the Cloudogu EcoSystem gives you the same ease of mind. On top, it also provides more advantages. In contrast to SaaS, the Cloudogu EcoSystem allows you to customize all tools and processes according to your needs. Also, you have full control over your data, because you can easily install the Cloudogu EcoSystem on-premises. Especially SaaS providers with servers outside the European Union, the privacy of your data cannot always be guaranteed.
  • What do you mean with „Platform for my toolchain“?
    The Cloudogu EcoSystem is a virtual machine that is used to operate all different kinds of tools. You can easily create your own toolchain by choosing tools from the available Dogus. Dependencies and connections between the tools you selected are detected and installed automatically.

    If a tool you need is not yet available as a Dogu, it can be integrated. You can develop a Dogu yourself or hire us to do that.
  • What makes the Cloudogu EcoSystem a DevOps platform?
    The easy operation of the Cloudogu EcoSystem enables DevOps teams to efficiently operate their own infrastructure. Also, the available tools offer a huge potential of automating processes through a flexible provisioning of the platform. This way, the Cloudogu EcoSystem creates the opportunity to truly live DevOps.
  • What advantages are offered for different types of users?
    The numerous features of the Cloudogu EcoSystem support software developers, system administrators and project managers in their daily work. Read more about the advantages for you and your team on our page on different types of users.


  • What are the system requirements of the Cloudogu EcoSystem?
    The system requirements depend on how you use the system. Each of our Dogus has unique properties and demand for resources. Also, the sheer number of Dogus is an indicator for the resource demand. We for example, are using about 10 Dogus with roughly 20 developers at 16GB ram and 4 cores. That is more than enough to have a sufficient performance.
  • How can I install the Cloudogu EcoSystem?
    The easiest way is to use the .ovf-Image. The download link and a detailed tutorial for the installation are in the quickstart guide.

    If needed, we can provide images for VMWare, Virtualbox, Qemu, Google Cloud or Azure.
  • Can I host the Cloudogu EcoSystem with IaaS-providers?
    The Cloudogu EcoSystem is a virtual machine that can of course be operated at an IaaS provider. Its flexibility allows you to operate the platform exactly where you need it. If you need a specific VM-image, please let us know. We can provide images for VMWare, Virtualbox, Qemu, Google Cloud or Azure.
  • Why is it necessary to register instances?
    The registration of an instance enables the instance to access the backend of the Cloudogu EcoSystem. The backend provides the dogus for installation and upgrades.