Dogu is a japanese term that means “tool”. According to that, Cloudogu EcoSystem is a platform that contains a toolbox for Continuous Integration, -Deployment or DevOps.
Each Dogu is a container that provides benefits for the Cloudogu EcoSystem as a whole.

Characteristics of Dogus

Dogus are more than just containerized tools or applications that are operated in the Cloudogu EcoSystem. What turns a container into a Dogu are these things:

  • If a tool has a UI and a login, the authentication has to be performed through CAS and it has to be part of the Single Sing-on system.
  • Additionally, each Dogus needs to be connected or linked to at least one other Dogu.

These two requirements for Dogus are supposed to ensure that the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides a high level of benefits and is therefore more than just a selection of tools.

Available Dogus

You can find a list of available Dogus here.

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