Cloudogu Glossary


Dogu is derived from Japanese and means “tool”. According to that, Cloudogu EcoSystem is a platform that contains a toolbox for Continuous Integration, -Deployment or DevOps.
Each Dogu is a container that provides benefits for the Cloudogu EcoSystem as a whole.

Characteristics of Dogus

Dogus are more than just containerized tools or applications that are operated in the Cloudogu EcoSystem. What turns a container into a Dogu are these things:

  • If a tool has a UI and a login, the authentication has to be performed through CAS and it has to be part of the Single Sign-on system.
  • Additionally, each Dogus needs to be connected or linked to at least one other Dogu.

These two requirements for Dogus are supposed to ensure that the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides a high level of benefits and is therefore more than just a selection of tools.

In addition, all Dogus can be installed and updated using unified commands. Dependencies, such as a new Java version, are automatically taken into account. All Dogus go through integration tests before they are released.

Available Dogus

Community Dogus

Community Dogus are well established Open-Source tools.

Premium Dogus

Premium Dogus are based on proprietary software that requires an addition license.

  • Backup & Restore: A service to manage and restore backups.
    Read Dogu documentation
  • Easy Redmine: A Redmine-based project management tool with additional functionalities.
  • Elasticsearch: A full-text search engine with HTTP web interface.
  • Atlassian Jira: A project-, issue- and taskmanagement tool.
  • Atlassian Confluence: A tool to share and manage knowledge.
  • Portainer: A tool to manage containerized applications.

Private Dogus

Community and Premium Dogus are generally available to all customers of the CES. Private Dogus on the other hand are only available to specific clients. For example, if you have an individual application as a Dogu, it can be made available only for your instances through the Backend. By doing so you have the same advantages like the easy installation and updates for your software.

Missing an application?

If you are missing a tool, please feel free to contact us regarding additional Dogus!

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