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Automation is the reduction of manual tasks by automating them. Usually it is the goal of automation to increase the efficiency of processes by speeding up steps or by reducing the risk of errors. Automation is worth it, if there is a reasonable ROI (Return of Investment). That means that the initial investment of work will be overcompensated in the long run by the increased efficiency and manual work.

Increased Efficiency

The Cloudogu EcoSystem offers several options to automate tasks and therefore to increase efficiency:

Ticket Documen­tation

By using specified keywords, you can comment on issues and even change their status.

This feature is enabled through SCM-Manager, which can be connected to several different issue trackers, amongst others to Redmine, which is also part of the Cloudogu EcoSystem

Contin­uous Integra­tion (CI)

By the correct configuration of Cloudogu EcoSystem it is pretty easy to set up a CI Pipeline, which automatically starts a build after each push as well as a quality analysis and snapshot deployment.

The advantage of the automated Continuous Integration process is the accelerated feedback for the developers:

  • The developer immediately gets feedback about the build result.
  • Additionally, the developer gets access to the latest result of the quality analysis.
  • Thanks to these two results, the developers feel encouraged to push their changes more often. This makes the integration of changes easier (no more "integration hell").
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