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Easy Redmine

Project-Management Software

Easy Redmine is an open source project-management solution suitable for organizations of all sizes – both with and without their own software development. In addition to support for classic project management (waterfall or V-Model), it offers tools for agile project management as well as other helpful functions. For project management Easy Redmine offers:

  • Gantt Charts
  • Agile boards for Scrum, Kanban or mixed approaches
  • Burndown Charts
  • Time tracking

To support software development, the tool offers a classic issue tracker a help desk and other features.

Enhanced open source project management tool

Easy Redmine is an extension for the popular open source project management tool Redmine. To make everyday project management easier, the software offers additional functions for use in organizations like:

  • A B2B CRM that can be used not only for lead and opportunity management, but also for tracking sales and goal achievement.
  • A management of customer and partner data separated by territories.
  • A financial management for project budgets, salary and invoice overviews and more.

Compared to Redmine, Easy Redmine has a modified, responsive interface (which means that the tool can also be used on mobile devices) and an extended feature set with B2B CRM, partner management, financial management and various dashboards.

Broad range of customization options

Easy Redmine shows its special strength as a project management tool by being configurable in almost all details. Thus, it can be adapted very well to individual requirements. In order to use it in a goal-oriented manner, it is important to clearly define processes and requirements so as not to lose track of the large number of options.

Consulting for project management with Easy Redmine

In case it is not clear in advance how project management with Easy Redmine should be lived in your organization, external consulting can provide helpful impulses. Cloudogu therefore not only offers support in setting up the tool, but also takes a look at your individual use cases.

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Made in Europe – data protection and data security with Easy Redmine

As a software developed in Prague, Easy Redmine offers configuration options for data security as well as various functions for data privacy, whose use simplifies compliance with the GDPR. Among other things, it supports:

  • Advanced password policies: Individual specifications regarding characters and time limits for passwords, among other things, are possible.
  • Limited data access: Access to personal data and events can be selectively restricted for users.
  • The right to be forgotten: Person-related data can be deleted in an uncomplicated manner.
  • The right of access: Person-related data can be collected quickly for information purposes.
  • Anonymization of contacts: It is possible to generate anonymized profiles by automatically removing sensitive data.

Easy Redmine – in the cloud and on-premises.

Depending on the requirements for security, speed, availability and budget, different operating modes are relevant for project management tools. Easy Redmine can be operated in several ways:

  • On-premises, i.e. on a dedicated server or in a data center of one's choice
  • In a private cloud
  • In a public cloud

The difference between private and public cloud is briefly this: In the public cloud, an Easy Redmine server is used by multiple customers at the same time, without them being able to see the data from other organizations. In a private cloud, Easy Redmine is also run on a public server, but all customers are provided with their own installation of the tool.

Easy on-premises – Easy Redmine and the Cloudogu EcoSystem

The Cloudogu EcoSystem reduces the administration effort compared to a classic on-premises operation of Easy Redmine. Leave time-consuming installations and the manual import of updates behind: As an operating platform, the Cloudogu EcoSystem simplifies the installation and regular updates of all tools operated on it – of course also for Easy Redmine.

DevOps Toolchain Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter

DevStarter – project management, wiki and source code management combined

Our cost-effective DevStarter offering is an on-premises alternative to well-known software for project, knowledge and source code management. In addition to Easy Redmine, it includes other helpful tools. All available services can be found on our DevStarter page.

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