Cloudogu Glossary

System landscape

In IT, the term system landscape describes all software applications used and all network components required for their operation. The system landscape is part of the IT infrastructure.

Challenges of the system landscape

Changing requirements

It is not uncommon for a company's system landscape to become increasingly heterogeneous over the years, resulting in more upkeep and maintenance work. This happens because requirements for software applications and interfaces change over time. For example, a department may grow over the years and suddenly realize that it needs a knowledge management tool to efficiently share knowledge among employees. In the beginning, a simple wiki integrated into the project management tool may be sufficient. At some point, there may come a time when an independent, professional wiki is needed, which makes the system landscape grow bigger.

Heterogeneous system landscape causes a lot of administration work

The more software applications and interfaces there are between systems, the more time-consuming the maintenance and servicing of the system landscape becomes, as each component must be kept up to date and when updates are made, it must be ensured that integrations continue to function.

How Cloudogu can help you with your system landscape

With the Cloudogu EcoSystem, we offer an open source operating platform for software applications. The platform simplifies and standardizes the operation of the tools running on it and supports you in automation, configuration management and operations management. This allows you to harmonize your system landscape and to reduce administration effort.

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