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Cloudogu Eco­System

The Cloudogu EcoSystem (CES) is an on-premises operations platform for software tools that significantly reduces administration efforts through automation and standardization.

Features of the Cloudogu EcoSystem

On-Premises Operation

The CES is an operations platform that you can run on-premises. This means that you have full control over the tools you use and the data they contain. Resources needed to install tools are obtained from our central backend. Operation behind an air gap, i.e. without access to the Internet, is also possible.

Low maintenance thanks to LowOps

In addition to a simple and fast installation, the CES also offers low maintenance efforts thanks to automated and standardized upgrades, in line with the LowOps concept. No matter which tool you want to upgrade, upgrades are always performed with the same command. Also, necessary data migrations or updates of resources are performed automatically. This reduces the time required immensely.

Open source

The CES is open source. This gives you both transparency and protection from vendor lock-in.

Individual assembly of tools

You have full control over which tools to run on the CES. During the initial setup you can select the needed tools. During the installation, the tools and all required resources are pulled from our central backend and their configuration is done automatically. During configuration, dependencies between the selected tools are also taken into account. Tools can also be installed later at any time. An integrated and interconnected toolchain is available for software development. Read more in the section "Tools for software development, project and knowledge management".

Standardization of tool sets

You have the option to define sets of tools in so-called blueprints. This makes it very easy to deploy a large number of instances of the CES that are all identical. This standardization reduces maintenance efforts even further.

Single sign-on for all tools

All tools that have a web interface and login are connected to a single sign-on service, eliminating annoying login prompts.

Ubiquitous navigation menu

Each page of tools operated with the Cloudogu EcoSystem has a collapsable navigation menu which makes it easy to switch between tools. No individual bookmarks or link lists necessary.

Tools for software development, project and knowledge management

The tools operated on the Cloudogu EcoSystem are provided in the form of Dogus. The primary focus of the currently available tools is on the fields of software development, project management, and knowledge management.

In the field of software development, the available tools cover the software development lifecycle, especially with regard to web development:

EcoSystem Architechture *) Expandable as required

For project management, there are several tools to choose from: Easy Redmine, Jira and Redmine. For knowledge management there are also several tools: BlueSpice, Smeagol and Confluence.

Cloudogu EcoSystem Download

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Would you like to set up the Cloudogu EcoSystem independently? No problem, we provide you with a free download.

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