DevOps is a made-up term that brings together the words “Development” and “Operations”. The combination stands for the close cooperation between these two areas of software development.

It is important to understand that DevOps is not just a set of tools, it is a certain mindset concerning processes and cooperation. Based on this mindset and the organization's prerequisites a DevOps team has to select tools to foster close cooperation between the two areas.

Digital transformation and DevOps

DevOps is seen as part of the solution of the continuing digital transformation. Digital transformation is the shift from an analogue world to a digital one.
It can be very helpful for this ongoing change, because it usually increases the automation of processes and the cooperation between the different areas and departments of organizations. Through this, DevOps can help to transform all requirements from the analogue world into the digital age.

DevOps and Cloudogu

With the Cloudogu EcoSystem we provide a platform that includes all technically required elements, that are needed for a basic implementation of DevOps in an organization.

Since DevOps is a lot more than just a software development pipeline, we additionally offer trainings to share information about the necessary mindset and how to successfully live DevOps. Our trainings cover technically focused topics like containerization with Docker© as well as the usage of Kubernetes and the implementation of a Continuous Delivery pipeline based on Best Practices.

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