Cloudogu Glossary

What are citizen developers?

Citizen developers are technically skilled employees in companies who develop software applications outside of IT departments, both for internal use and for customers. This is made possible by the use of low-code platforms which, according to the motto "configure instead of program", allow software development without extensive programming knowledge by means of graphical interfaces.

Citizen development and low-code

The strength of Citizen Developers is that they can directly implement their professional knowledge in software applications without needing external support. This allows them to quickly develop applications to automate or accelerate business processes. All they need is a certain understanding of software development, but not in-depth knowledge of specific programming languages. As such, low-code and citizen developers represent an important component in managing digital transformation.

Citizen development and digital transformation

In many companies, the will for digital transformation exists, but there is often a lack of resources to implement it. This creates frustration among many employees. Citizen developers can resolve this, as they can use low-code platforms to drive digitalization projects forward.

Advantages of citizen development

  • Relieves the IT department of workload
  • Faster digitization
  • Flexibility
  • Higher motivation of employees
  • Use of expertise for applications