Cloudogu Glossary


Docker© is an open-source software that allows to containerize applications. Docker© can be used to run multiple containers simultaneously on the same host. This is much more efficient than running multiple virtual machines, because each container contains only parts of the operating system (commonly a lightweight Linux distribution) and shares the host's Linux kernel with the other containers.

Docker©: Independent and Resource-friendly

Docker© containers are based on Docker© images and can be used on almost any operating system. They are detached from their environment because with the application itself and all the required libraries they contain everything needed. This ensures that Docker containers are independently functional. This has three big advantages:

  1. The inherent security is at a high level, since all applications are isolated from each other and thus there are fewer attack points.
  2. Less resources are necessary, because, unlike a virtual machine, only the actually required resources need to be loaded.
  3. Containers are portable, which means that they can easily be ported between different hosts.

Docker© and Cloudogu EcoSystem

The Cloudogu EcoSystem uses Docker© containers for an automated and resource-efficient deployment of applications. You can find more information about the software development platform here.

EcoSystem Architecture
EcoSystem Architecture