Instance (CES instance)

When we talk about an instance of the Cloudogu EcoSystem (CES), we mean a virtual machine of the CES with all the tools (Dōgus). Each instance can be operated by itself, but it is also possible to operate several instances parallel.

Depending on the size and the processes of an organization, instances can either be vertically or horizontally scaled.

Was ist eine Instanz des Cloudogu EcoSystem?

Basically the Cloudogu EcoSystem (CES) is a virtual machine, in which containerized applications are being operated. The difference to other containereized applications, that are no Dōgus, is, that the applications of the Cloudogu EcoSystem are interlinked and connected out-of-the-box. Thanks to that, the CES provides whole proceses for software development.

The tools cover best-of-breed applications from all over the software development life cycle.

Since each instance of the CES is a virtual machine, it is very easy to copy, migrate, save or duplicate them.

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