Cloudogu Glossary

IT Infra­structure Management

IT infrastructure management describes the coordination of IT Infrastructure resources and systems.

Management types for IT infrastructure

Security management

Security management includes all activities to identify, evaluate and derive measures to prevent damage to the organization with a focus on information and communication systems.

Risk management

Risk management focuses on the identification and assessment of risks, as well as derivation of plans to minimize the potential impact of risks.

Data management

As part of data management, it is recorded where and by whom data is stored, modified and used in order to ensure the maximum utilization potential for the organization and its optimal use.

Cloud management

Cloud management includes all activities required for the use of cloud services and resources, such as deployment, integration and backup & restore (disaster recovery).

Configuration management

Configuration management documents and manages the properties and configurations of systems, servers and software. For software, for example, this can include the version and plugins used for a tool. For a server, its hardware specifications.


As part of automation, repeatedly used instructions and processes are automated or simplified in such a way that human interaction with IT systems is replaced or at least reduced.

Operations management

Operations management models, analyzes and optimizes business processes that are continuous, predictable and mappable. The aim is to map business processes using tools and tool-supported processes; the keyword here is digitalization.

How Cloudogu can help you with IT infrastructure management

With the Cloudogu EcoSystem, we offer an open source operating platform for software applications. The platform simplifies and standardizes the operation of the tools running on it and supports you in automation, configuration management and operations management.

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