Cloudogu Glossary


Kubernetes is a technology for container orchestration, which simplifies the deployment of software.

The short term “k8s” is also commonly used as an alternative to the name “Kubernetes”. “K” and “S” stand for the first and last letters of Kubernetes, the “8” for the eight letters in between.

With the increasing use of container solutions like Docker©, the question of how to automate processes in the deployment, scaling and management of applications becomes more important. The open-source solution Kubernetes provides the answer.

Automated container orchestration with Kubernetes

Kubernetes provides a standardized platform that is hardware independent and that allows software developers to run their containerized applications. That makes the DevOps approach significantly easier to adapt.

Kubernetes can be used in private datacenters or via cloud. Some common use cases are:

  • Automated scaling based on load
  • Load balancing
  • Service discovery
  • Automated failover
  • Canary deployments
  • Rolling updates / Zero downtime deployments