Cloudogu Glossary


Generally, scaling or scalability of a system, network or process is its ability to change its size or to grow. In information technology, scalability is usually related to improved processing power through additional resources.

Vertical and horizontal scaling can be distinguished. The Cloudogu EcoSystem can be scaled in both ways.

Vertical scalability

Vertical scalability means to increase performance by adding additional resources to a node or a server. For Cloudogu EcoSystem instances that could be additional RAM or CPU capacity.

Since Cloudogu EcoSystem instances are virtual machines, additional resources can be added with a few mouse clicks (given that the server has enough resources left).

Horizontal scalability

Horizontal scalability means to grow or strengthen a system by adding additional nodes. For Cloudogu EcoSystem that means that you operate several instances parallel. That can be done without a problem, the only thing necessary is to register each instance at the Cloudogu backend

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