Cloudogu Glossary

Contin­uous Deliv­ery (CD) in software development

Through the implementation of a Continuous Delivery pipeline software products are released automatically after each change, that could be several times a day.

In the course of the continuing digital transformation it gets more and more important to shorten cycle times for innovations and therefore to release new versions of products more often.

As a prerequisite for that the development of the product has to have a high coverage of automated tests and a very robust pipeline, because not all changes can be tested manually.

Different­iation between Contin­uous Deploy­ment and Contin­uous Integra­tion

Continuous Deployment, Delivery and Integration are three different stages of the same idea: the continuous development of software.

Continuous Delivery is the highest stage, because here all changes are being delivered automatically to the customer. There are no classically used releases in Continuous Delivery.

With Continuous Deployment changes are being deployed to a server, but they will not be delivered to the customer right away. This allows developers to test the application manually before the release.

Continuous Integration is the lowest stage in Continuous Development. Here, all changes are being build and tested automatically, but there is no automatic deployment to a server.

Contin­uous Deli­very with the Cloudogu Eco­System

The Cloudogu EcoSystem supports a Continuous Integration pipeline. To turn this into a Continuous Delivery pipeline you only have to configure and provide deployment targets/servers. As a basic requirement the customer has to have access to the server.

The Cloudogu EcoSystem uses Jenkins as build server. You can find a tutorial on how to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline in our blog: from the basics of a Jenkins pipeline over performance optimization and helpful tools to the whole pipeline.

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