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LowOps for Software Infrastructures

What does LowOps mean?

LowOps is a concept where the effort for the operation of software systems, tools or platforms is minimized and therefore low. The LowOps philosophy uses various methods and tools to reduce administration effort through automation, standardization and generalization.

The goal is to simplify workflows and automate processes in order to create a more efficient and flexible IT landscape. Reducing manual operations not only saves time, but also reduces the likelihood of errors. This promotes the adaptability of companies to new technologies and accelerates the digital transformation.

Reduction of administration effort with LowOps

LowOps is an innovative concept that aims to minimize administrative effort by automating or partially automating routine tasks. Tasks that lend themselves to automation are:

  • Installing software
  • Updating software
  • Managing authorizations for users in software

With its philosophy of reducing administrative overhead in all of these areas, LowOps promotes flexibility and adaptability and thus helps to improve transformability.

LowOps and SaaS

One way to greatly reduce your own administration effort is to use SaaS services, i.e. to buy software as a service so that you don't have to worry about running it. All that remains is the task of authorising all employees to use the service.

However, depending on the use case, a SaaS solution can also have disadvantages. Typical risks of using a SaaS solution include high dependency on the provider's service and less control over the fulfilment of data privacy and data security requirements.

LowOps platform

If SaaS solutions are out of the question, a LowOps platform such as the Cloudogu EcoSystem can help do reduce the administration overheads, saving time and money. It unifies the operation of a wide range of tools through containerization, offers automated updates and comprehensive user management including single sign-on.

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