Tools available in the Cloudogu EcoSystem

Our selection of tools for software development and project management

The Cloudogu EcoSystem provides services, functionalities and applications as so-called Dogus. “Community Dogus” are tools that are available for the free Community Edition of the Cloudogu EcoSystem, “Premium Dogus” are available from the Premium Edition.

Dogus are downloaded from our registry, and installed and automatically configured in your local Cloudogu Ecosystem. The configuration covers integration in the central authentication service (SSO), the ubiquitous navigation menu and the integration with other Dogus.

Dogu highlights

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All Dogus

List of Community Dogus

Central Authentication Service: A single sign-on server.
OpenLDAP: A LDAP server, that is used by the User Management Dogu.
LDAP Mapper: A proxy to LDAP services with additional user/group mapping functionality.
Postfix: A mail server, that is used as a centralized service for Dogus to send e-mails.
Redmine: An issue tracking and project management tool.
SCM-Manager: A repository management tool for Git, Mercurial and Subversion.
SonarQube: A tool for continuous code analyses.
User Management: A tool for user management.
Cockpit: A dashboard containing information from tools of the Cloudogu EcoSystem.
Jenkins CI: A continuous integration server.
Nginx: A webserver.
PlantUML: A tool to create UML diagrams.
PostgreSQL: A relational database that is used by other Dogus.
Registrator: The Registrator Dogu is used to internally manage Dogus.
Smeagol: A Git based wiki.
Sonatype Nexus: An artifact repository management server.
Swagger UI: A tool to generate a list of Swagger APIs.

Liste of Premium Dogus

Backup & Restore: A service to manage and restore backups.
Easy Redmine: A Redmine-based project management tool with additional functionalities.
Elasticsearch: A full-text search engine with HTTP web interface.
Atlassian Jira: A project-, issue- and taskmanagement tool.
Atlassian Confluence: A tool to share and manage knowledge.
Cassandra: A NoSQL database management tool.
Fidelia: A tool for requirements management.
Nexus Lifecycle: A Tool to identify dependencies and vulnerabilities in libraries.
Portainer: A tool to manage containerized applications.