What are my benefits of the Cloudogu EcoSystem?

A comprehensively better software development

Advantages for different user groups

Due to new and evolving technologies the world of software development is fast-paced. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of adapting your existing processes to new possibilities have to be weighed up constantly.

The Cloudogu EcoSystem is an easily administrable and flexible toolchain, which allows you to quickly react to changes, new market conditions and thus to ensure your competitiveness. It offers numerous features with benefits for software developers, system administrators and project managers.

project manager

Advantages for project managers

  • Quickly start projects with our optimized toolchain
  • Flexible, cost-effective and future-proof
  • In line with compliance without extra effort

Do long project lead times cause regular delays for you? Do requests by the team for new, necessary tools often cause unforeseen incompatibilities, rising costs and disagreements?

The Cloudogu EcoSystem as platform for your software development toolchain guarantees a consistent and reliable output of your development team, saves time and reduces cost. All this is achieved through the combination of freely selectable tools with an unified administration. Thus, the development team can always use the latest versions of their tools. If necessary, tools can be updated quickly, uniformly and automatically throughout the whole company.

Thanks to it’s plus in flexibility you can optimize your toolchain according to special requirements of projects and rule out any obstacle that could be in the way of a swift and customized start of the project.

system administrator

Advantages for system administrators

  • Fully automated provisioning of the development toolchain
  • Simple execution of updates
  • Backup & restore for more data security

Administrating your software development infrastructure and providing your development teams with specific tools can be very complex. Dependencies between tools, different release cycles and various security patches quickly result in an error-prone micromanagement.

The CES follows the LowOps approach: it simplifies administration significantly and provides reliability. Thanks to the automated provisioning and installation, new tools can easily be integrated into the platform. All available Dogus have already passed integration tests and updates can be done with only two commands in the command line. Conflicts and incompatibilities based on different versions of tools are therefore a remnant of the past.

Because the architecture is based on containerized tools and a backup and & restore mechanism is already integrated, the Cloudogu EcoSystem prepares you even for worst case scenarios.

software developer

Advantages for developers

  • Use all tools with only one login thanks to SSO
  • Exchangeable and always up to date tools
  • Helpful additional functions

You have to log in every time you want to use another tool? You are using numerous tools that are not integrated seamlessly? Everyday issues like these are a thing of the past with the Cloudogu EcoSystem. Thanks to Single sign-on (SSO) you can use all tools for your software development within the same session.

The development tools are easy to integrate and update, allowing you to stay up to date, to use the full potential of your tools and to create the best software possible. Additionally, the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides all the essentials for modern software development with a high degree of automation, which is the foundation of approaches like Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

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