Simplification of everyday work in software development

Numerous advantages for administrators and end users

Cloudogu EcoSystem Features

The service platform Cloudogu EcoSystem allows an efficient operation of tools for software development. Its modular architecture, reporting features and the hustle free availability of tools as so called Dogus don't just speed up your software development in general. They also help your software developers to focus on what really matters: to write good code!

For that, the EcoSystem provides features for each role in your team that speed up your development processes.

Minimal Administration<br> effort
Minimal Administration
Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore
User Friendliness
User Friendliness
Transparent project management
Transparent project management
Versatile Wiki
Versatile Wiki
Neat Dashboards
Neat Dashboards

Minimal Administration effort

Automatic provisioning and installation

You can easily pick and choose the tools that you would like to install via your browser. Dependencies between the selected tools are considered automatically and your instance gets provisioned fully automated.

Minimal effort for operations

Thanks to the combination of our central backend and locally operated instances, the operation and updates of your tools can be done with minimal effort. Updates of tools can be performed with only two commands.

Backup and Restore for the security of your data

The backup and restore service of the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides a simple and convenient way to back up all your tools. All you have to do is to select a backup strategy. Once that is done, you are prepared for worst case scenaios, because you can restore your data with only a few steps and return to work immediately.

High user friendliness

Integrated Single Sign-on

All tools that are operated through the Cloudogu EcoSystem and applications with a UI are automatically integrated into the Single Sing-on (SSO) service of the platform. Users only have to authenticate once to use all your tools. It is no longer necessary to manage accounts for several tools independently.

Intuitive navigation

The “Warp Menu” allows you to access all tools of the Cloudogu EcoSystem. It is an intuitive and easy way to switch between applications. This makes managing linklists to keep track of all tools a thing from the past that you no longer have to deal with.

Transparent project management

The Cloudogu EcoSystem supports various market-leading solutions for effective project management, such as Atlassian Jira as a Premium Dogu and the open-source solution Redmine. Plan and track your projects very easily with customizable issue tracking systems and additional functions such as calendars, Gantt charts and time tracking.

If you want to use Redmine with an extended range of functions, you have the opportunity to test Easy Redmine for free. We also offer this tool as a Dogu.

Versatile wiki

Smeagol is an easily understandable wiki that can be used by less tech savvy users just as well as by software developers. You can create content using Markdown either in your IDE or with a comprehensive What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor.

Here you can find a more detailed information about the Smeagol wiki.

Neat dashboards

The Cockpit of the Cloudogu EcoSystem allows you to easily create dashboards that show relevant information from all projects. The dashboards are handled via drag'n'drop, so creating custom dashboards couldn't be easier. Therefore, it provides an easy and fast overview of all tasks up ahead and the overall status of projects for all users, from developers to project managers.

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