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DevOps transformation to accelerate your software development

Simple changes to your code take months? System failures of your vital tools cause high costs? You would like to utilize the potential of DevOps for higher development velocity in your company, but you constantly hit bumps during the realization?

A recent study by the IDC shows that many companies struggle with the same issues. With the Cloudogu EcoSystem these are problems of the past. With our solution you can use the full spectrum of DevOps tools and utilize the full potential in your company.

Continuous process improvement

DevOps Ready with the Cloudogu EcoSystem

The Cloudogu EcoSystem is a service platform for all different kinds of tools for software development. Applications are provided through a cental backend as so called Dogus, which are operated on local instances of the platform. Thanks to this hybrid architecture the Cloudogu EcoSystem allows you to install and operate applications with minimal effort. This offers you more flexibility for the assortment of your tools and a high potential for automation and better cooperation for your teams.

If you are interested in more general information about DevOps, please take a look here.

Continuous improvement of processes

Continuous optimization of processes

One of the most important principles of DevOps is the continuous optimization of processes to eliminate sources of errors and to improve efficiency. This can be accomplished through automation of repetitive tasks and the improvement of cooperation within and across teams.

Thanks to the simplified operation of tools with the Cloudogu EcoSystem it is possible to quickly adjust to new requirements. This allows a continuous automation and improvement of processes within the company.

DevOps Toolchain

Life cycle of software

DevOps is a holistic approach that involves all processes and the complete lifecycle of software products: from the initial development, over the operation, to the continuous improvement. This requires numerous tools, whose diverse modes of operation (local, sercer, cloud), lengthy update processes, permission management and such pose extensive challenges for your IT administration.

The Cloudogu EcoSystem, as a central service platform for your toolchain, is the solution for these challenges. It ensures a smooth and continuous flow of information and provides automated processes for all areas that are related to the SDLC. Information from all tools are processed in a way that enables an ideal usage and a base for continuous improvements.

DevOps Circles

Cooperation throughout all business areas

The basis of DevOps is the symbiosis of people, processes and technologies: people use processes to work together and use technologies to work efficiently. Automated processes allow people to focus on crucial tasks. Good cooperation and communication between people is the foundation for a high quality of products. Therefore it is pivotal to foster information exchange through an open-minded business culture and to provide tools the support the exchange.

Among other things, the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides dashboards, a versatile wiki that can be used by all business areas and other tools to ensure an efficient cooperation and communication. Of course you can integrate all different kinds of tools for cooperation into the platform.

Hybrid architecture

Automation with
Continuous Delivery

No matter how far you are you have already progressed with the adaptation of DevOps: the Cloudogu EcoSystem integrates seamlessly into all existing infrastructures and offers a lot of potential for the optimization of processes. Optionally it provides a complete Continuous Delivery toolchain can be adapted and extended according to your needs.

The existing toolchain is a starting point for Continuous Delivery. It is based on widely used and accepted open-source tools with active communities. The basic toolchain covers the whole software development lifecycle and can be extended or changed according to your needs.

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