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post icon Cloudogu as a signee of the Diversity Charter

05/31/2022 Lena Skopek in Insides

Cloudogu as a signee of the Diversity Charter

Fittingly for the German Diversity Day on May 31st, 2022 and the 10th anniversary of this day, we are now also one of the 4500 signees of the Diversity Charter.

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post icon Transformability as the key to corporate success

05/05/2022 Tatjana Ksienzyk in Insides

Transformability as the key to corporate success

Our ambition is to accompany customers in the successful transformation of their software development processes. The proactive approach to change is the central focus here. In this blog post, I would like to give you an impression of the challenges we have faced as a company in recent years and how we have mastered them with openness and transformability.

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post icon BugShot: Browser plugin for Redmine

04/12/2022 Philipp Ahrendt in Technology

BugShot: Browser plugin for Redmine

BugShot is our new browser extension for Chrome browsers. It allows you to document visual bugs on websites and web apps directly from the browser window in Redmine or Easy Redmine as a ticket.

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post icon Kubernetes least privilege implementation using the Google Cloud as an example

04/07/2022 Lukas von Maikowski in DevOps

Kubernetes least privilege implementation using the Google Cloud as an example

Everyone knows it: granting privileges is always a balance between security, usability and maintenance effort. If permissions are granted very generously, the effort is very low and there are rarely any hurdles to use; however, security is compromised. If permissions are granted sparingly, security is higher, but there are costly processes and a lot of administrative overhead.

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post icon Mastering GitOps Event

03/17/2022 Daniel Huchthausen in DevOps

Mastering GitOps Event

On April 07, 2022, the Heise online event Mastering GitOps will take place with an exciting program around the use of GitOps. In addition to a detailed introduction to the topic, the event will also show how Kubernetes clusters can be managed and how code reviews can be simplified.

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post icon Learning day at Cloudogu

03/11/2022 Maik Krause in Insides

Learning day at Cloudogu

In keeping with our corporate values - collaborative, learning organization, mission-oriented - we have found another way to integrate professional development beyond learning by doing and to promote the fun of learning and self-organization with the introduction of our learning day. Find out what our learning day is.

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post icon Cloudogu is TOP Company 2022

02/08/2022 Tatjana Ksienzyk in Insides

Cloudogu is TOP Company 2022

Full of pride, our first employer award recently reached us. We were awarded the TOP Company award for 2022 by kununu. This puts us in the top 5 percent of the most popular companies on kununu. We are very pleased that our applicants and/or employees have rated us so positively. In addition, it fills us with even more pride that our team members are so satisfied at Cloudogu GmbH.

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post icon XML-Parser Expat – All you need to know

02/02/2022 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

XML-Parser Expat – All you need to know

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in the XML-Parser library Expat. It allows attackers to inject malicious code into systems and execute it there. Since the library is wide-spread, many systems are potentially affected by it. We have all the important information on this here.

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post icon How AI is taught to be agile

01/06/2022 Axel Lütgering in Technology

How AI is taught to be agile

In 2020, we received a very interesting request for a "Hands-on-Agility" training for employees of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), which electrified us. It offered us the chance to approach the booming topic of AI and to see to what extent the use of AI technologies can bring about a change in the corporate culture in the direction of "more agility".

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