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featured image Cloudogu releases Chrome extension „BugShot“ for Redmine and Easy Redmine
04/28/2022 in News

Cloudogu releases Chrome extension „BugShot“ for Redmine and Easy Redmine

In order to simplify and accelerate website tests, Cloudogu GmbH has released the Chrome extension „BugShot“ for Redmine and Easy Redmine. With it, users can report visual bugs quickly and easily.

BugShot logo with a bug symbol sourrounded by crosshairs

Thanks to the minimal workflow, BugShot helps to save valuable time when testing websites. Detected errors can be captured quickly and easily using the BugShot button or shortcut. In the generated screenshot, the error can be visually highlighted and commented on and then simply be sent. BugShot automatically attaches the information on the URL and browser resolution to the ticket.

To set it up, the extension „BugShot“ only has to be added to Chrome, access data has to be entered once and the URL of the Redmine server has to be specified. With this data, BugShot reads the user’s API Key and stores it in encrypted form. Afterwards, only one reference ticket needs to be specified as the default template in Redmine. If several templates have been specified, the desired template can be selected for each error found.

With the extension, Cloudogu underlines its claim to make the entire software development cycle easier. The „BugShot“ extension for Redmine and EasyRedmine from Cloudogu is available free of charge in the Chrome Webstore.