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03/11/2022 in Insides

Learning day at Cloudogu

Maik Krause
Maik Krause

Guest Author

At Cloudogu, we see ourselves as a learning organization. On the one hand, this refers to the continuous improvement of internal processes, but also to the individual development of all employees. The professional and personal development of our colleagues is very important to us, which is why we not only enable participation in workshops and seminars, as well as conference visits. In keeping with our corporate values – collaborative, learning organization, mission-oriented – we have found another way to integrate professional development beyond learning by doing and to promote the fun of learning and self-organization with the introduction of our learning day.

Learn any topic

It is a well-known problem: time and mental resources are often limited in everyday work, so that only limited additional knowledge can be acquired outside of ongoing projects and tasks. Especially skills and knowledge that are not directly related to the current work can thus only be promoted with difficulty. To counteract this problem, we came up with the idea of our learning day, which we held for the first time, but very successfully, at the beginning of February.

The framework conditions and specifications were as simple as they were straightforward: all employees were allowed to choose any topic in which they would like to refresh their knowledge or build up new skills – even without direct reference to their work. They had a full working day to do this. Participation was possible both individually and in learning groups, and there was also cross-team cooperation. This was a very positive side effect, as it promoted exchange among colleagues who tend to work together less frequently in their daily work.

Program of the learning day

In order to clarify last organizational questions, there was a joint exchange in the morning in a large (virtual) group. Finally, the feedback was collected in the afternoon. In between, the employees were completely free to use their time as they wished. Whether online courses, specialist books and articles, YouTube videos or simply verbal discussion and knowledge sharing – the learning day was used in many ways and, probably the most important and gratifying finding, was very well received by the colleagues and perceived as added value. The feedback was predominantly positive, while the free choice of topics was particularly emphasized. Since many topics had at least a small connection to operational work, what was learned during the learning day could already be applied directly, which also meant direct added value for the company. By the way: The colleagues who were absent on the actual learning day could of course make up for it individually.

We believe that learning is an important building block and the basis for the further development of one’s own personal transformability, but also the transformability of the company. That is why this topic has a high priority at Cloudogu. Due to the good response, we will soon be holding the next learning day.