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03/17/2022 in DevOps

Mastering GitOps Event

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

IT Consultant

Since the term was introduced in 2017, GitOps has been the subject of controversy in the developer community. In the meantime, opinions on GitOps are predominantly positive, as the benefits of the method are simply too great. The growing interest in GitOps is also reflected in the fact that the organizers of the Continuous Lifecycle Conference have created a separate event for it. On April 07, 2022, the Heise online event Mastering GitOps will take place with an exciting program around the use of GitOps. In addition to a detailed introduction to the topic, the event will also show how Kubernetes clusters can be managed and how code reviews can be simplified. We support the event not only as a sponsor, but also with concentrated know-how with two contributions.

Cloudogu at the GitOps theme day

We at Cloudogu have been using GitOps successfully for several years now and our colleagues are happy to share their insights in talks, articles and Open-Source projects. At Mastering GitOps, our colleague Johannes Schnatterer will give an introduction to the topic in his talk “GitOps - is it for me?”. He will be joined by our colleague Sentürk Ugras, who will be holding a two-day hands-on workshop “GitOps: Continuous Operations” after the theme day, where participants will learn how to implement a GitOps pipeline and tools.

All information about the GitOps event

  • Mastering GitOps: 04/07/2022, 9am-5:15pm.
  • GitOps: Continuous Operations Workshop: 05/02-03/2022, 9am-4pm.
  • The conference and workshop will each be held online, in German.
  • More info about the program and tickets can be found here.