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featured image DevOps toolchain with all important tools for software development: Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter
08/24/2022 in News

DevOps toolchain with all important tools for software development: Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter

To provide optimal support for DevOps development teams, Cloudogu GmbH has put together a cost-effective open source toolchain for on-premises operation. It contains all the important tools for running DevOps professionally and efficiently, is easy to use and can be easily expanded at any time. The Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter includes Easy Redmine for project management, BlueSpice MediaWiki for documentation and the source code management tool SCM Manager.

The Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter combines the advantages of the Cloudogu EcoSystem, such as single sign-on and unified maintenance of all tools, with a central point of contact for all tools. At the same time, users benefit from a cost advantage: the license costs incurred are available in the Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter at an attractive package price.

The open source tools of the Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter cover all areas important for DevOps:

  • The Project Management Tool Easy Redmine offers, in addition to the classic functions for Agile and Waterfall, an issue tracker, time recording and resource planning, dashboards, project planning using Agile boards, Gantt charts, and others, such as a helpdesk extension.
  • The BlueSpice MediaWiki can be used to document information across departments and tasks, and to collect and discuss ideas.
  • The Source Code Management Tool SCM Manager enables the use of efficient processes for software development. In addition to the standard version management functions, SCM Manager offers a code review function as well as numerous extensions with which the tool can be adapted to individual needs. It supports not only Git, but also Mercurial and Subversion repositories.

The Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter is based on the Cloudogu EcoSystem open source development platform. It provides numerous applications as so-called Dogus, with which users can easily build a toolchain for DevOps teams. In addition to the tools included in the Cloudogu EcoSystem DevStarter, these include, for example, the CI server Jenkins, the static code analysis tool SonarCube, the artifact repository manager Nexus Repository and many more. They are conveniently downloaded via the Cloudogu Registry, installed in your own Cloudogu EcoSystem and automatically configured.