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featured image Cloudogu presents Transformability solutions at the congress „Digitaler Staat“
03/06/2023 in Insides

Cloudogu presents Transformability solutions at the congress „Digitaler Staat“

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

IT Consultant

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Braunschweig, March 7, 2023 - Cloudogu GmbH will present its Cloudogu EcoSystem at the „Digitaler Staat“ congress (April 25.-26. 2023, Berlin), as well as extensive training and consulting offerings with which Cloudogu supports digital transformability for modern administration.

Transformability Solutions

The Cloudogu EcoSystem is a virtual LowOps platform for running e.g. DevOps development tools. It enables complete working environments to be conveniently deployed and operated, which makes the solution worthwhile, especially for IT providers. In addition, end users can compile their toolchains from the more than 30 available tools or have them individualized. The Cloudogu EcoSystem is open source and offers authorities all the necessary security through special hardening measures. In addition, all included tools are constantly monitored for security gaps, which are quickly closed through short-term upgrades. Users are free to choose both the software tools and the infrastructure on which they want to run the Cloudogu EcoSystem (Bundescloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or their own servers). Thanks to containerized tools and automated upgrades that go through integration tests beforehand, the Cloudogu EcoSystem thus simplifies and unifies the operation and maintenance of the entire toolchain.

Cloudogu has recently significantly expanded its training program to include topics on innovative tools such as Easy Redmine, Apache Nifi and Apache Kafka, as well as modern technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Oracle APEX, and novel methodologies such as GitOps and agile working. A customized consulting offering complements the portfolio. The Cloudogu experts analyze processes and technologies used, optimize them together with customers and support the training and empowerment of employees. The focus is on DevOps topics such as Cloud Native Infrastructure, Cloud Native Development as well as automation and GitOps.

Talk on Transformability

On the topic of „Transformability – How to build a secure and sustainable digital future on volatile ground“, Thomas Grosser, Managing Director of Cloudogu GmbH, will be giving a talk followed by a panel discussion at the „Digitaler Staat“ congress in Berlin. This will take place on 25th of April 2023 from 12 pm.