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featured image Cloudogu introduces employee benefit for mental health
05/08/2023 in Insides

Cloudogu introduces employee benefit for mental health

Susanne Heubischl
Susanne Heubischl

Human Interactions Manager

Working in an agile environment places high demands on Cloudogu employees. Breaking new ground means not only being innovative and able to shape things, but also being able to endure uncertainty and failure.

The development of one’s own transformability needs help

Our ambition is not only to support our customers in developing their own Transformability in order to cope with current and future challenges in the best possible way. Cloudogu itself is also constantly in a process of transformation. This requires all employees to not only look at current developments in the corporate environment, but also to be involved in the design of corporate process, product or business model innovations.

However, what is defined in the discourse of vocational training science as intrapreneurship and in educational policy as a key competence of lifelong learning requires not only the ability to innovate, creativity, goal orientation and the ability to develop and implement projects. An important basis for this is resilience, the ability to deal adequately with psychological stress in the workplace, to be able to withstand it, so to speak. Maintaining mental health contributes to strengthening and maintaining resilience.

Mental Health Training – More relaxed through everyday life

With free access to HelloBetter’s services, all employees now have the opportunity to strengthen their mental health. The courses range from improving the quality of sleep to dealing with stress and preventing depression. The availability of such a service for employees regardless of time and location played an important role in the selection of such a benefit for Cloudogu as a “remote-first company”.

Cloudogu employees can access scientifically based course units and elective modules anonymously and without having to wait within the framework of online psychological training. In their own password-protected area, they can also keep a diary, record symptoms and communicate with their psychological advisor via an integrated chat function.

Confidentiality is the most important thing

As psychological stress is a sensitive topic in which those affected are still confronted with misjudgements or rejections, Cloudogu attaches great importance to the possibility of being able to make use of support measures anonymously. In the area of human resources, contact persons are available to deal with questions or problems confidentially.

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