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featured image Cloudogu integrates Portainer into its EcoSystem to manage Docker containers
04/06/2021 in News

Cloudogu integrates Portainer into its EcoSystem to manage Docker containers

Cloudogu GmbH, provider of the open-source development platform Cloudogu EcoSystem, now also enables the simple management of containerised applications outside the EcoSystem. For this purpose, the company has integrated the open source tool “Portainer” into its EcoSystem. This is Cloudogu’s answer to the trend of operating applications in containers.

Portainer is an open source tool for the simple administration of containers without having to write code. For this purpose, Portainer offers a graphical user interface for everything that can be realised via a Docker command line. Within the Cloudogu EcoSystem, Portainer enables users to conveniently manage their own containerised applications, e.g. customer applications or tools for internal use. This applies both to containers operated individually and to operation on clusters (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker Swarm). The assignment of permissions is also very user-friendly.

In addition to basic functions such as start/stop and add/remove, the administration also includes management of volumes for containers, network management and cluster management. For this Portainer installs an agent on the corresponding machine, which forwards the Portainer commands to the Docker daemon on the machine.

With its functions, Portainer extends the Cloudogu EcoSystem with the simple management of containerised applications. It is easy to manage applications by adding containers directly or from container registries. In addition, the development pipeline can be extended so that after building and testing the container, the Jenkins server of the Cloudogu EcoSystem deploys the developed application with the Portainer agent installed.

Like all other Dogus within the Cloudogu EcoSystem, Portainer is also connected to the single sign-on. It also benefits from the easy configuration and upgrades of the Cloudogu EcoSystem.