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featured image Secure coding tournament from Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior
09/01/2021 in News

Secure coding tournament from Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior

Test your secure coding know-how and become a security champion: Cloudogu GmbH and Secure Code Warrior are organising a tournament on the 29th of September 2021, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m., with many secure coding tasks in numerous programming languages. Participation is free of charge, and registration is still possible until the day of the tournament. With the event Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior are continuing their recent partnership.

The main topic of the Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior tournament is the OWASP Top Ten, i.e. the ten security risks for web applications that the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) considers most most critical. The tournament participants are given tasks on these and other security risks, which they have to complete within 90 minutes and thus practice their secure coding skills. The programming languages available for this purpose are Kubernetes Basic, Java Basic, C# .NET Basic, C# .NET MVC, JavaScript Basic and JavaScript React.

All participants will receive an individual evaluation after the tournament, and the top 5 will receive attractive prizes, e.g. a Raspberry Pi 4 B. After the tournament, the platform is available to all participants for another seven days, allowing them to repeat tasks and solve additional ones. Thus, the tournament offers an excellent opportunity to test and improve safe coding skills and to raise awareness for security risks. This is also shown by the statement of Wojciech Cichon, developer at Aegon and participant in the OWASP tournament in the UK: “The tournament was an interesting and exciting way to test and train one’s secure coding skills. I liked that the focus was on development rather than offensive skills, like other security challenges or exercises.”

**Free registration for the tournament is still possible here until 29.09.2021.

The tournament is part of the recent partnership between Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior. As part of the collaboration, Cloudogu has already integrated a plugin for Secure Code Warrior content and exercises into its SCM-Manager. “Secure Code Warrior is an ideal partner for Cloudogu because the companies share the same goal - to help development teams create software - but with offerings that complement each other. While Secure Code Warrior focuses on the topic of ‘secure code’, our Cloudogu EcoSystem with SCM Manager covers the entire software development lifecycle,” explains Thomas Grosser, CEO of Cloudogu GmbH.

Pieter Danhieux, Chairman and CEO of Secure Code Warrior, adds: “Developers want to write secure code, but are often unaware of the insecure coding patterns they use. The same coding mistakes are made over and over again because many companies do not provide role-specific training. Our partnership with Cloudogu will enable us to solve these problems for more companies in the DACH region, and we are very excited about this fantastic opportunity.”

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