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04/15/2020 in Insides

SCM-Manager now part of Cloudogu

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We are happy to announce that the Cloudogu GmbH is now officially the owner of the SCM-Manager project. This is the next consequent step in the cooperation between Cloudogu and SCM-Manager.

Since the beginning of the cooperation in Fall 2018, Cloudogu has already contributed most of the work for the development of SCM-Manager, the community support and the new product development of SCM-Manager 2. The previous owner and lead developer of the project Sebastian Sdorra has already been Cloudogu’s CTO for several years and in Fall 2019 he became the leader of the newly established SCM-Manager team at Cloudogu. Thanks to this cooperation SCM-Manager has already gotten some exciting new features like for example code reviews, that were introduced with SCM-Manager 2.

Sebastian has been setting new standards for source code management tools with his open source project ”SCM-Manager” for many years. By now, the new and fully overhauled version 2.0 can compete effortlessly with commercial tools. We at Cloudogu are happy that we will be responsible for this project from now on. As our CTO, Sebastian will still lead the development of the tool. SCM-Manager will stay free and open source software that we will continuously develop further with a designated team. We changed the license to the very permissive MIT license and hope that the great community will stay active. Thomas Grosser, CEO of Cloudogu

Next steps

A change that has already been implemented is that SCM-Manager is now licensed under the less restrictive MIT license and no longer under BSC 3-clause. The goal is to make it even easier to use SCM-Manager.

Other than that, everything will stay the same and we will advance the positive development of SCM-Manager. Currently, we are for example working on a makeover of the landing page of the tool and on workflow extensions for the review plugin.

SCM-Manager will stay a community open source project. Ideas and feedback from everybody will always be welcome and everybody is invited to contribute to the project by writing plugins or making pull requests.

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

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