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featured image Impulses, Exchanges and Visions of the Digital Transformation
07/30/2020 in Insides

Impulses, Exchanges and Visions of the Digital Transformation

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

IT Consultant

On July 17th the Digital Transformation Forum took place for the very first time. In 18 sessions, the almost 100 participants had the chance to get a taste of, learn about and swap ideas on the versatile topics of the Digital Transformation. The goal of the event was to offer impulses, exchange and visions for the Digital Transformation of companies.

Online Event Focused on Interaction

To reach that goal, we set up the event in a way that participants could interact through polls, comments and questions. Also, the speaker and participants were able to interact before and after the event through the community on the Cloudogu Platform.

Watch the recording of the welcome session by Cloudogu CEO Thomas Grosser to get an impression of the course of the event and the interaction.

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Diverse Topics

In addition to introductions to technical topics like Kubernetes, DevOps, User Experience and security of software applications, the participants were also introduced to the methods Scrum and ITSM and got new impulses in the area of corporate culture. The most popular topic was “Learning in the digital world – do forget it (not)!” by Jürg Hofer and Karl Berger. In their session they first presented new approaches to learning in the light of digital mobility. After that, they invited the participants to try it out themselves.

We were positively surprised by the number of participants. The topic “Digital Learning” got a lot of attention by companies over the last couple of weeks and that was also the case at this event. We got a lot of positive feedback about the “forgetting curve” and how QUIZMAX offers a playful, effective and measurable solution. Jürg Hofer, CEO Prime Competence GmbH

Another highlight was the “Power Break” in which Julia Fernandez introduced relaxation exercises for shoulders and the neck to the participants to prepare them for the physical challenges of the modern work world.

Chances of the Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation has started a couple of years ago and it will only continue challenging us. That is why we created a platform where participants could exchange ideas and get impulses and visions for the Digital Transformation of their businesses. With that vision in mind we talked to our partners and it was the first good sign for a successful event that we were easily able to get them on board and make them to share their expertise on the diverse topics.

The Digital Transformation Forum was a successful event. Together with our partners we were able to make all the facets of digitalization come to life for the participants. It was the first time for us to organize an event like this and we were awed by the huge response and the great interactive participation in the sessions. We are looking forward to the next time! Thomas Grosser, CEO at Cloudogu

We would like to thank all speakers, participants and everyone who participated in the organization of the event. Without you, it would not have been possible to bring the Digital Transformation Forum to life.

See you next time!

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