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featured image Cloudogu introduces new version of SCM-Manager
03/06/2024 in News

Cloudogu introduces new version of SCM-Manager

Cloudogu GmbH presents the new version of its SCM (SourceCode Management) tool: SCM-Manager 3 offers an even simpler server configuration, and also works with new versions of Jetty and Java as well as the latest Java libraries. It is fully compatible with the previous version, as are all plugins. The user interface, REST API, CLI and core APIs have remained unchanged so that users can work with the SCM-Manager as usual.

The key changes in SCM-Manager version 3

  • The configurations for the server and logging have been combined in one file, further simplifying them. Previously hidden configurations of the webapp can now be found neatly in a single config.yml or through environment variables.
  • SCM-Manager 3 has been updated to the new version of Jetty, the underlying web server. Some changes have also been made to the server configuration, which affect the user-defined settings. Instead of Java version 11, the SCM-Manager now uses Java 17 and the latest Java libraries.

The new version of SCM Manager is fully compatible with the previous version, so administrators and developers will hardly notice any changes apart from the improvements: All SCM-Manager 2.x plugins also run with SCM-Manager 3.x, the user interface, the REST API, the CLI and the core APIs are unchanged. Administrators only need to adjust the configuration. The migration to version 3 is carried out automatically by SCM-Manager the first time it is started if users are using the default configuration. Anyone working with customized server configurations (such as a manual SSL configuration or adjustments to reverse proxies) can find a guide for manual configuration on the SCM-Manager website. Repositories or data files are not processed or changed during the migration.

With the official release of SCM-Manager 3, Cloudogu will discontinue support for SCM-Manager 2.x, but critical security flaws will still be fixed. A prompt upgrade to the new version is therefore recommended.

SCM-Manager as part of the Cloudogu EcoSystem

SCM-Manager is the out-of-the-box solution for sharing and managing Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories via a single user-friendly interface. It is quick and easy to install on any platform and requires no web servers, databases or caches. Its many helpful plugins are easily extensible via the plugin API. For easy integration with customer-specific internal processes, Cloudogu offers a comprehensive Level 3 RESTful WebService for all SCM-Manager functions. A flexible authentication mechanism and a granular authorization model optimally support administrators in authorization management.

The SCM-Manager is part of the Cloudogu EcoSystem, a virtual open source low ops platform with over 15 tools for software development and project management. The complete toolchain of the Cloudogu EcoSystem simplifies development processes and reduces administration effort, allowing software development and administration teams to spend more time on value-adding tasks.