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06/30/2020 in News

Cloudogu Digital Transformation Forum

With the Digital Transformation Forum, which will take place as an online event on 17 July 2020, Cloudogu wants to help decision-makers and developers to gain a holistic view of digitalisation.

Cloudogu GmbH, provider of the open source development platform Cloudogu EcoSystem, is inviting to the “Digital Transformation Forum”. The online event, which will take place on 17 July 2020, is aimed at all those who are proactively engaged in the further development of their company. The goal here: To create impulses for new ways of working, to highlight technological trends, and to bring the communication between all those involved in the company on a common basis.

The digital transformation is underway, but in many areas it is not proceeding in an optimal way. Often the cultural and technological challenges are underestimated, and IT and business departments lack a common language. The Digital Transformation Forum therefore looks equally at technological aspects and the effects on corporate culture. In numerous presentations experts from Cloudogu and partners will discuss how the necessary changes in the company can be initiated, accompanied and ultimately sustainably lived in the company. The focus is on practical knowledge, which the participants can integrate directly into their companies. For example, one lecture deals with the role of the product owner in agile projects: Participants can take on the perspective of a product owner in a project and thus gain new insights into Scrum. New ways of thinking will also be given on the topics of further education and training, which are an important part of the digital transformation, through the support of gamification. So that health is not neglected during the the online event, participants will be able to take part directly in the physical activity breaks for remote workers between sessions to experience first-hand how employees can stay healthy in a changing working world.

On the technological side, the focus is on current trends such as the containerisation of applications. Live demos, such as hacking a container application or a hands-on session on the container technology Docker, show the possibilities and hurdles of this virtualisation approach. The question of how a complete DevOps environment can be rolled out ready for use within 30 minutes with the Cloudogu EcoSystem will be very concrete.

“With the Digital Transformation Forum, we are breaking completely new ground for virtual collaboration,” says Thomas Grosser, CEO of Cloudogu. “The format stands for participation and trying things out instead of watching. Participants will have the chance to actively discuss their own topics with experts from the fields of technology, knowledge and corporate culture, to actively work on their own topics. The interactive event offers a few surprises as well as exciting workshops and food for thought. And of course we are also creating a virtual foyer where a casual exchange with experts and like-minded people about all facets of digitalisation is possible.”

The Digital Transformation Forum will take place on 17 July 2020 from 10 am to 2 pm.