Cloudogu EcoSystem Lifecycle

Excellent workflow management for software development teams

Plan, code, build and test in one single development-platform: The Cloudogu EcoSystem makes your SDLC ready for DevOps and combines the advantages of cloud systems with those of on-premise systems.

Your platform for an efficient use of tools

The Cloudogu Ecosystem is an integrated solution, that supports you throughout your entire
software development process

Various development tools – one flexible solution

As a process optimization approach, DevOps lifts development teams to higher productivity, increases software quality and shortens provisioning time spans. For this goal the Cloudogu EcoSystem provides intelligent and connected tools, which can be individually combined to optimize your workflow management and offer you independence from suppliers. Our completely operational DevOps solution is based on Open Source tools. Thanks to the modular, Docker©-based architecture, it guarantees a high degree of flexibility, accompanying you through the whole SDLC.

Higher efficiency for your IT infrastructure

Our integrated Single Sign-On system simplifies your processes while customizable dashboards, that show accumulated information from all your development tools, provide you with a maximum of project transparency. The Cloudogu EcoSystem additionally features a central configuration, a cloud based update service as well as the privacy of local instances.

EcoSystem Architecture

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Cloudogu EcoSystem Oberfläche

All available Dōgus

A Dōgu is a Docker© container that provides a certain service, functionality or application.When you select a Dōgu for installation, it will be pulled from our registry, installed in your Cloudogu Ecosystem and automatically configured. Configuration covers integration in Central Authentication Service, Warp Menu and interaction with other Dōgus.

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Cloudogu EcoSystem Editions

Cloudogu EcoSystem 'Community Edition' is and will always be free and open source. 'Subscription Edition' especially targets businesses and comes with full support. Thus, it enables you to focus on what matters most - developing great software.

Community Edition

Perfect for the needs of small teams - powered by the open source community.

Community Edition
  • Free Dōgus
  • Max. 1 instance
  • Unlimited users2
  • Unlimited build jobs2
  • Unlimited repositories22
  • Unlimited projects2
  • Virtual machine setup
  • Community Support

0 forever

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1 All prices are billed annually and excluding VAT and any possible arising taxes or costs.
2 Limitations for jobs, repositories, projects and users are dependent on your own infrastructure limitations.



Upcoming Events

event icon Hacktalk


The discussion round about the after-work time in our house is used by many developers to talk about topical technology topics in a convivial round. From 5 pm, Jens Schauder will hold a lightning talk on »Reactive vs asynchronous APIs?«. Come and join us!

event icon DevOps Gathering


We support the international community conference Bochum where Container Ecosystems, Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless and Cloud topics are discussed. Meet Oliver Milke and hear about our experiences with this. We are really looking forward to meet you there.

event icon Docker-Training


In our basic workshop you will learn everything about the most well-known container engine in the DevOps environment - Docker. In addition to the theoretical basics (classification, advantages, limits), you learn hands-on how to containerize existing applications. Book now!

Our Mission

At Cloudogu we are passionate software craftsmen. We believe in the power and freedom of the open source community and pledge to make our contribution. We encourage businesses to use open source development tools and provide enterprise level security, operations and support for them. We are driven by quality, efficiency and fun, therefore we develop state of the art software by using TDD, Clean Code, CI/CD and containerization in an agile and collaborative environment. Our mission is to provide a Best-of-Breed infrastructure both for the community and the enterprise.

This is why we created the Cloudogu EcoSystem – an open platform that lets the community thrive and businesses grow.

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