Cloudogu trainings – FAQ

Here are your most frequently asked questions about our trainings.


Preparation & Technology

  • Do I have to prepare intensively for my training?
    If you meet the stated professional requirements of the respective training course, you do not need to prepare further in terms of content.
    However, you should familiarize yourself with the information that will be sent to you about a week before the training. In it you will find information about the schedule, the infrastructure for the training, the login and other important things.
  • Which tools are used in Cloudogu training courses?
    Depending on the course topic and the way it is conducted, our participants use different digital tools. For online trainings, our virtual learning environment (Moodle) and the interactive whiteboard Miro are used. For video conferences, we use Google Meet.
    In addition, participants of our Kubernetes training courses (whether online or in person) use real k8s cloud environments for exercises. Participants in our Docker training courses use Docker.
  • Do I need my own computer for my training?
    Whether you need your own computer depends on the type of training you have booked. If you attend an open training course as a classroom event, we will provide you with a computer in the training room. If, on the other hand, you have booked an open online training course or an in-house training course (both online and in-person), you will need your own computer.

Training inquiry & booking

  • Can I book additional modules without the actual training?
    No, our additional offers such as supplementary in-depth days or certification vouchers can only be booked in combination with our respective training courses.
  • Can I combine several additional modules?
    Yes, it is possible to combine two or more additional modules with a booked training.
  • Can training content be customized to meet individual needs?
    Our training courses follow a fixed table of contens and cannot be extended with additional topics. However, it is possible to change the weighting of the agenda’s topics in consultation with our trainers. Whether this is possible for your training course depends on the individual case. Please contact us for further Information.
  • How and when do I coordinate dates for in-house training courses?
    We coordinate dates for in-house trainings individually with you and our trainers. This happens after we receive an order for the training course from you.
  • I have booked a training, what happens now?
    After you have booked your in-house training or your spot in an open training, we will coordinate all organizational topics with you in a timely manner. This includes, for example, invoicing and clarifying who will be attending. Approximately one week before your training, all participants will then receive our onboarding material, with all the important information they need to prepare for the training.