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Cloudogu EcoSystem

Cloudogu EcoSystem Platform for software

The connected toolchain of our EcoSystem simplifies your development processes and reduces your administration time.

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Trainings For an efficient daily routine

Our certified trainers teach you best practices for software development and project management to simplify your daily work flow.

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Consulting For state-of-the-art software development

We help you to tackle issues regarding digitalization, automation and modern technology.

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Easy installation, efficient operation and convenient features.
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We will show you the advantages of the Cloudogu EcoSystem in a 30 minutes appointment that is nonbinding and for free.

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Simplify software updates in air-gapped environ...

A major challenge with air-gapped networks is keeping software used in them up to date with minimal effort. Find out how you can simplify updates within an air-gapped ...

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post icon GitOps Repository Structures and Patterns Part 6: Example Repositories


GitOps Repository Structures and Patterns Part ...

Learn from example repositories how to apply GitOps-repository structures and patterns to find templates, ideas and tips for your own projects.

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Review of "Java Forum Nord" 2023: Highlights, t...

The "Java Forum Nord" 2023 was an absolute highlight with its 35 presentations around Java and software development. The participants had the opportunity to explore to...

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