How is the Cloudogu EcoSystem structured?

The architecture of the platform explained.

Service platform with modular architecture

The Cloudogu EcoSystem (CES) combines an efficient operation and flexible provisioning with high security standards. This is made possible by the hybrid architecture that combines a cloud backend with on-premises machines.

Central Cloud backend

All Dogus of the Cloudogu EcoSystem are provided through a cloud backend from which they are downloaded and installed on local machines. To gain access to the tools, you only have to register your instance for free.

Hybrid architecture
Hybrid architecture

After the initial installation of the CES you can install additional tools or update existing ones through this backend.

Fully automated provisioning

The complete basic configuration of the Cloudogu EcoSystem is done during the initial installation of the platform. You only have to provide some basic information and to choose the components you need.

Automated provisioning

After you chose the tools, the fully automated installation starts. Dependencies between the components are recognized by the system and the platform gets configured accordingly. → You select the tools and the platform configures itself.

On-premises instance

Each instance of the Cloudogu EcoSystem is a virtual machine, that requires only a hypervisor for operation. The operating system runs the Docker Engine which in turn runs the tools of the CES.

Architekture of the CES
Architekture of the CES

Thanks to this you have full control over the operation of the platform. You can decide …

• whether you want to operate the CES publicly or privately, hosted by an IaaS provider or on your own server.
• when to install new tools.
• when to update already existing tools.

Docker Container

The Cloudogu EcoSystem simplifies the operation of tools by providing dockerized and standardized tools through a cloud service. Beyond that, the platform utilizes the general advantages of containerization like minimal use of resources or high security inside the platform.

Zentrale Konfiguration

The easy operation of the dockerized tools is even more simplified through the internal services of the platform. The so called “ces-setup” and “cesapp” for example enable to easy installation and update of tools, because you can manage all Dogus with the same, simple, commands.

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