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post icon Requirements Engineering Part 2

09/09/2016 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

Requirements Engineering Part 2

Finding out about all requirements of a product and ensuring their implementation is the key to a happy customer and to satisfied stakeholders. Therefore it is advisable to invest enough time into investigating and finding out about requirements. In the first post about requirements engineering we introduced the "Requirements Traceability Matrix" that allows you to keep track of your requirements. To fill this list with content we now want to take a closer look at possible sources and the classification of requirements.

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post icon How to Keep Track of Requirements

08/02/2016 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

How to Keep Track of Requirements

Whenever you start a project, the first step is to find out the initial requirements. Sometimes there is already a detailed functional concept, sometimes just a vague idea. The importatnt thing is that the requirements are explicit so that the final product will be able to meet them. If requriements are vague it is hard to be sure that they are being met.

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