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post icon Continuous Delivery with Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins and the Cloudogu EcoSystem

05/09/2019 Johannes Schnatterer in Software Craftsmanship

Continuous Delivery with Sonatype Nexus, Jenkins and the Cloudogu EcoSystem

In order to meet the growing demand to release new features at an increasingly faster pace, these features must be implemented faster and faster. But that's just one side of the coin. After all, these features have to be put into production as well. Often, deployments are made manually and prone to errors. They tie up resources, and they may take a long time. The solution is complete automation, which is called Continuous Delivery.

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post icon Example setup of continuous integration platform

07/20/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Example setup of continuous integration platform

In software development there is no such thing as the holy grail, no perfect process that you can follow in each project and that ensures that everything works out smoothly. But there are tons of very helpful best practices that you can use as a guideline. One of the principles of SCM-Manager Universe is that you can adapt it to different software development processes, because it isn't designed specifically for one process. To give you a better understanding of how you can use SCM-Manager Universe, we want to show you how we configured the appliance for one of our projects.

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post icon Artifact management with Nexus Repository

05/28/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Artifact management with Nexus Repository

Nexus Repository is a repository manager that serves as a central point for managing binary software components and their dependencies. In Cloudogu EcoSystem we use Nexus in combination with Apache Maven to manage dependencies.

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post icon Automated Release Management

04/28/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in Software Craftsmanship

Automated Release Management

Use SCM-Manager Universe to implement an automated release-management for your projects. You can do that by using Jenkins and Sonatype Nexus. In this post we will show the necessary configuration for Maven projects with an automated deploy of snapshots and release of new versions.

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