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post icon Let’s roll up our sleeves and backup!

06/18/2019 Boris Schaa in Technology

Let’s roll up our sleeves and backup!

The word "data backup" does not invoke much cheering and rejoicing for many parties involved. This series of articles about the "restic" software package shows that this does not have to be the case. Restic simplifies many aspects of backup and restore to a great enough extent that you can focus on the most essential part: The underlying system structure. This article describes how to configure restic and back up data.

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post icon Why operating multiple CES instances can make sense

02/22/2019 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Why operating multiple CES instances can make sense

Cloudogu EcoSystem is an extremely efficient way to operate a software development infrastructure. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where it might make sense to separate projects into individual instances of the Cloudogu EcoSystem.

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post icon Private Software Development Cloud

06/06/2018 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Private Software Development Cloud

Due to the recent announcement of the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft and the (sometimes very emotional) discussions about possible ramifications, it becomes obvious that people, teams or companies use services like GitHub for many different reasons. That is because they all have different prerequisites and requirements. GitHub hosts code for 100% Open Source developers as well as for companies with private repositories only and everything in between.

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post icon Infrastructure to Go

05/03/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Infrastructure to Go

You had a great idea for a software product and you want to see it being developed as fast as possible, you want to concentrate on bringing it to life. Focus on what really matters! Find out what exactly the market needs by gathering feedback and head into the right direction. For that you need to be flexible and quick in your workflows and you don’t want to be distracted by administrative tasks that keep you from developing your product. That is why you should take a look at out-of-the-box software development ecosystems, they might exactly be what you need to kick start your startup.

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post icon Automatic Cloud Provisioning with Terraform - Part 2

11/12/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

Automatic Cloud Provisioning with Terraform - Part 2

Using standardized rollouts for virtual machines in a cloud infrastructure has several benefits in software development to improve your performance. In the first part of our post we introduced the general advantages and explained the basic setup of Terraform. Now we will show you a basic configuration for the infrastructure and access rules that you can use as a basis for your first instances.

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post icon Automatic Cloud Provisioning with Terraform - Part 1

11/06/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

Automatic Cloud Provisioning with Terraform - Part 1

In software development it is very useful to have the ability to make certain systems available on demand, for example for testing, deployment or additional build servers. The important thing about the systems is that they are available quickly and that their configuration and setup is as expected. One way to achieve this is by implementing automated provisioning of CloudStack instances by using the application Terraform.

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post icon Software Development in the Cloud

06/30/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in Cloud

Software Development in the Cloud

It is predicted that the cloud market will keep on growing for the next years and that more and more businesses will start moving to the cloud. That's why we want to take a closer look at the pros and cons of this subject, especially focused on advantages and disadvantages for software development with cloud services.

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post icon Artifact management with Nexus Repository

05/28/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in EcoSystem

Artifact management with Nexus Repository

Nexus Repository is a repository manager that serves as a central point for managing binary software components and their dependencies. In Cloudogu EcoSystem we use Nexus in combination with Apache Maven to manage dependencies.

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