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post icon Getting started with EGit

04/25/2013 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

Getting started with EGit

Eclipse is one of the widest spread multi-language software development environments (IDE) that has an extensible plugin system to nearly every existing version control system. This article introduces briefly the installation and the usage of EGit as a standard interface connecting Eclipse and Git repositories. Since we do not want to leave out the biggest rival of Git, a second article focusing on MercurialEclipse will follow.

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post icon Git vs. Mercurial

04/22/2013 Daniel Huchthausen in Technology

Git vs. Mercurial

With the dawn of DVCS many different systems emerged and their number is increasing. Since the beginning, two major solutions fight for the throne of the "best" DVCS: Mercurial and Git. While both do their job very well there is an almost religious debate which one is THE best.

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