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post icon Reality check for another agile approach

06/30/2017 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

Reality check for another agile approach

Some time ago we introduced the lean methodology #NoEstimates. We showed the basic principles and how to get started with it. Now, after some time, we want to comment on how to use this approach in reality. The time has come to figure out whether #NoEstimates is applicable in the real world and with real projects and we want to share some tips what you should focus on.

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post icon How about a new agile approach?

11/04/2016 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

How about a new agile approach?

#NoEstimates is a lean and agile methodology that focuses on the delivery of customer value. To reach this goal it tries to minimize non-value-creating actions like the estimation of implementation effort for User Stories. In the first part we introduced the basic ideas of the methodology. In this part we want to provide some tips on how you can get started with #NoEstimates.

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post icon Just Another Agile Methodology

11/04/2016 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

Just Another Agile Methodology

In the » Lean way of thinking« effort to estimate the implementation time for tasks, user stories or features, is waste, because it doesn´t produce value to the customer, it just makes people feel better. Therefore time spent on such activities should be reduced as much as possible. #NoEstimates is an agile methodology that helps you to focus on creating customer value instead of spending time on things that don´t create value.

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post icon Making Estimations

09/22/2015 Daniel Huchthausen in Methods

Making Estimations

When you are working on a software development project you need to estimate the required effort for tasks or a whole project. In traditional project management (waterfall) it is necessary to estimate the overall expenses for the project before it has even started. This comes along with high uncertainties and risk. In projects that are using agile approaches the uncertainties are lower, because you only need to consider the next iteration in detail (in case of Scrum). Nevertheless it is necessary to estimate effort and there are different approaches for that.

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