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featured image SCM-Manager Plugins Part 8: Support
01/25/2016 in Technology

SCM-Manager Plugins Part 8: Support

+++This post was migrated from our former blog about SCM-Manager Universe. Therefore, the design is slightly different and some information might not be 100% applicable to Cloudogu EcoSystem. So don't be alarmed; enjoy reading.+++

To make the error analysis and support easier and more comfortable for SCM-Manager, you can use the scm-support-plugin. In case you have problems with SCM-Manager it allows you to conveniently activate logging. After the deactivation of the logging, the logfile and other basic information about your system are being provided to you for download. Use these information to solve your problems.

Getting Started

After installing the plugin and restarting the application the section ‘Support’ appears in the SCM-Manager navigation.

Support section in navigation menu

There you have two options:

  • Collect Information: Use this link to automatically download the configuration of your SCM-Manager and fundamental information about the environment of the application in a zip-file.
  • Trace Logging: Enable/disable logging by using this link. This feature will be described in the following section.

Usage of Trace Logging

After clicking on ‘Trace Logging’ and on ‘Enable’ in the emerging dialog box the log-level for SCM-Manager is set to trace.

Enable logging dialogue

Now you can perform all necessary steps that are related to your problem. When you’re done, deactivate the logging by clicking on ‘Trace Logging’ link again and on ‘Disable’ in the emerging dialog box. After that the download of a zip-file will automatically start. It contains the general information about your system and the SCM-Manager logfile. By disabling the logging the log-level of SCM-Manager is set back to ‘INFO’.

Logfiles for support

In detail the zip-file contains stack trace files, the configuration of SCM-Manager, including all installed plugins, general system information and the logfile that was created since the logging was enabled.


The support plugin for SCM-Manager is an easy and fast way to gather information in case you want to analyze an issue related to SCM-Manager. It changes the log-level of SCM-Manager automatically for the time that trace logging is activated and it provides all relevant information in one zip-file. Please use the plugin if you want to contact our support team, because it helps us to get to the source of your issue faster.

With kind regards, your SCM-Manager Universe Team

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

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