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03/20/2014 in Technology

SCM-Manager 1.36

+++This post was migrated from our former blog about SCM-Manager Universe. Therefore, the design is slightly different and some information might not be 100% applicable to Cloudogu EcoSystem. So don't be alarmed; enjoy reading.+++

Version 1.36 of SCM-Manager is available. The new release comes with some new features, bug fixed and library updates (the complete release feed you can find here). We want to describe two of the new features in detail: “Skip failed authenticators” and “Repository health checks”.

Skip Failed Authenticators

Until now SCM-Manager searches through all available authentication sources until a provided username is found. In case the provided password is correct, the login is successful and the user can start working with SCM-Manager. In case the provided password is not correct, the login fails.

Skip Failed Authenticators option is inactive

If you are using the new “skip failed authentication” option SCM-Manager doesn’t abort the search for a user after an incorrect password was found for a provided username. The system keeps on searching in the authentication chain until the login is successful or the end of the chain is reached.

Skip failes authenticators option active

This option is especially useful if you are using multiple login plugins, e.g. LDAP, ActiveDirectory and htpasswd, because it could be that the same username occurs in several sources, but in each source the user has a different password. In that case it could be that a login attempt fails one time and is successful another time, because the order of the authentication chain is set new after each start of the SCM-Manager server. By using the “skip failed authenticators” option, the login always succeeds in the described scenario. It can be activated in the “General Settings” section in the “Config → General” screen:

SCM-Manager configuration to skip failed authenticators

Repository Health Checks

Another new feature of SCM-Manager 1.36 is the implementation of repository health checks. This automatic functionality had been implemented, because of an issue with SVN repositories that were created using the “With 1.7 Compatible” option, which can be selected in the “Config → Repository Types” screen.

Subversion repository compatibility

If you have created repository using this compatibility modus and start using SCM-Manager 1.36 your repositories will be marked like this:

Repository health check result

In that case you can download a convert utility that corrects the compatibility issue.

The utility only affects repositories that are marked as “unhealthy”. Depending on the amount of repositories and their size, the convert process can take some time and require a lot of space, because it creates a backup of each repository to be converted.

With kind regards, your SCM-Manager Support Team

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

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