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04/17/2013 in Insides

JAX 2013

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+++This post was migrated from our former blog about SCM-Manager Universe. Therefore, the design is slightly different and some information might not be 100% applicable to Cloudogu EcoSystem. So don't be alarmed; enjoy reading.+++

This april (22. – 26.04.2013), the JAX exhibition will take place in Mainz, Germany. The JAX is the leading event in terms of JAVA-, Android- and Web- development in German-speaking countries.

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The event is based on two pillars: the conference, where you can listen to many lectures and participate in various discussions, and the expo, where many companies are presenting JAX related topics. This year we, the SCM-Manager Support Team of Triology, will be one of the exhibitors. We will use the JAX environment as the starting point of our great support offer for SCM-Manager.

From our point of view, SCM-Manager is the perfect tool for software development, and therefore we want to present it to the public at large. That is why the JAX is the perfect place for its presentation. Visitors of our booth will be able to experience the easy handling and possibilities of connecting SCM-Manager with other related software (like for example JIRA) on the basis of a test environment first-hand. We are sure that many of our booth visitors will be positively surprised! We will be present at our booth during the whole JAX Expo (23.-25.04.2013). We are looking forward to answering your questions about SCM-Manager and our support offer.

We joyfully await your visit at our booth. You might be even able to talk to Sebastian Sdorra, head developer of SCM-Manager, in person, since he will be present at times.

Best regards, your SCM-Manager Support Team

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

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When he is not exploring the wilderness, Daniel keeps himself busy with topics such as quality assurance, testing and PM methods.