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04/16/2018 in Insides

Hello Cloudogu Blog

A new beginning

A few years ago we were looking for ways to standardize and improve our software development workflow. That is why, based on the available technology back then, we started the development of SCM-Manager Universe. Over time, new technologies that offer more flexibility and opportunities became available. Of course we wanted to use these new opportunities and soon we realized that it would not be possible to adapt SCM-Manager Universe to the technologies. That is why we started from scratch with the development of Cloudogu EcoSystem.

That last page turned is a perfect excuse to write a whole new book. Toni Sorenson

With this in mind, 5 years after we first started with our blog, we are now beginning a whole new book without forgetting about the old one. You might have noticed that this post is not the very first one in our blog. Since most of our blog posts for SCM-Manager Universe are still of general interest, we migrated those that are not too Universe specific.

SCM-Manager turns into Cloudogu

Everything about Software development

From now on, we will share up-to-date- information about our EcoSystem in this blog regularly, such as:

  • General information to inform you about changes or news
  • Tutorials to get obstacles out of the way, and
  • Best practices to show ways of how you can use Cloudogu EcoSystem for your software development.

Additionally, we will also share tutorials and information about other interesting topics that we come across in our daily software development life, e.g. topics like

  • Quality in software development
  • Cloud services and development
  • Events and fairs
  • Software Craftmanship and teamwork
  • Other technologies and best practices

To prevent confusion between blog posts we wrote for the former SCM-Manager Universe blog from current articles, we added a hint at the beginning of each post. Other than that we did not modify the posts at all. That means that facts might not be 100% applicable to our new Cloudogu EcoSystem and that the design of the post is different.

We are looking forward to sharing all the exciting topics and hope to have vivid discussions with you on them. So stay tuned and enjoy reading.

Kind regards, Your Cloudogu Team

Daniel Huchthausen
Daniel Huchthausen

- Consultant -

When he is not exploring the wilderness, Daniel keeps himself busy with topics such as quality assurance, testing and PM methods.