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03/03/2015 in Cloud

Code Anywhere

+++This post was migrated from our former blog about SCM-Manager Universe. Therefore, the design is slightly different and some information might not be 100% applicable to Cloudogu EcoSystem. So don't be alarmed; enjoy reading.+++

Web IDEs are a good way to be independent from a single workstation. Over the last couple of months a large number of web IDEs came up, either as cloud service or as server based option. Depending on your project and the way you work, it could be a good alternative to a classic IDE. We want to take a look at Orion by Eclipse, which is geared for Java projects, just like our appliance and the standard Eclipse IDE. Therefore it could be a perfect match to integrate Orion into SCM-Manager Universe.

Web IDE Orion

An advantage of web based IDEs is that you don’t need a local IDE. You can develop from anywhere by using any available workstation. After your login you immediately find your well known environment, with all your projects and all your configurations.


It’s easy to install Orion in your SCM-Manager Universe. You only need to copy the files to the appliance and to start the server. By doing so you have everything you need for your project on one server, accessible from anywhere:

  • your source code repositories,
  • Continuous Integration server,
  • issue tracker,
  • quality analysis tool
  • and your IDE

That means you can continue working on your project from any computer, without the necessity of setting up, or configuring the IDE. All you need is access to the internet or your network.

Of course the tool doesn’t provide a whole stack with language specific compilers or debugging tools, but Orion is great for projects that don’t need those things, e.g. web development projects. Even if your project requires a huge stack of tools, the web IDE could be an option to take a quick view at the source code.

Basically Orion has the same functionality as the desktop version of Eclipse, except you can only import Git repositories. There is already a large number of plugins available that enrich Orion by tool support for numerous programming languages.

Working with Orion

It goes without saying that Orion allows you to write and edit your code. In addition to that it enables you to perform all basic operations you need for setting up and developing a project.

Clone a Repository

After logging in to Orion you can immediately start a new project. Of course you can start from scratch with an empty project, or you can import a repository from a local zip-file or from a remote server. Import a repository with Orion

After the new project was created/imported you can start to work on it.

Repository Modifications

Just like in Eclipse you can open and edit files by browsing through the projects file tree. We really like the content overview on the right side of the screen. Edit a file with Orion

Naturally you can add new files and folders as well as dependencies.

Commit and Push Changes

After saving your changes (CTRL+s works) you can enter your commit message after navigating to the “Git Repository” screen. Commit changes with Orion

After that you can push the changes to the central repository and you will be informed about the successful push.


The web IDE Eclipse Orion is an easy and convenient way to be able to code from anywhere. Especially if you are working from different locations and in Java projects Orion is a great addition to the tools of SCM-Manager Universe. It is perfect for small and middle size projects that don’t need a huge stack of development tools. If this is the case for your project, you should give it a try and test it. If you like the concept of web IDEs, but you are not convinced by Orion, you could check out the some of the similar web IDE projects.

Online Java Compilers

If you want to use a web IDE in a Java project you can also use an online Java compiler.

With best regards, your SCM-Manager Universe Team

Links about Orion and other web IDE projects:

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